Greensboro has Everything

Greensboro North Carolina has Everything

Greensboro is one of the most established cities in the US state of North Carolina.  It is the third largest by population and also the largest city in the Guilford County. It is also the largest city in the surrounding Piedmont Triad metropolitan area.  This city is quite diverse in terms of nature, things to do, attractions and businesswise. Also worth noting is the fact that the locals here are generally welcoming and good to be around with.

Greensboro residents love shopping, nightlife and horses.  There is no doubt that Greensboro truly lives up to its name.  The city is home to a myriad of beautiful gardens, science centers, museums, nature parks and arboretums.  For instance, the bog garden happens to feature a living ecosystem which millions of tourists from all over the globe love to come to sample every other year.  History is also at home here in Greensboro with a range of museums established in recent times. These museums are used for purposes of preserving and conserving the rich history that best defines this city.

Natural Science Center and Animal Discovery Zoological Park

If you are the kind of person who has a special preference and love for wildlife, this is the place you need to come to.  This zoological park features howler monkeys, meerkats, tigers, alligators and a range of other animals.   If you happen to come to Greensboro with your family, this park still has got a range of amenities and facilities that will suit the members of your family.

Walking tour of downtown Greensboro

This is one of the best walking tours in North Carolina and the larger United States today.  The tour is self-guided and an informative and entertaining MP3 tour featuring a range of voices from people both present and past.  You can have a good time to enjoy the tour with your family if you have time to do so. Greensboro is an awesome city for you to just choose to stay indoors when people are having fun.

Walkway of History

This is another awesome source of pride in Greensboro today.  It mainly features sidewalk markers which chronicle the chapters in African American History.  This is a good time to spend with your family and friends.

Four seasons town centre

This facility is seen by many locals and visitors as the home of the best shopping, entertainment and dining here in Greensboro.  When you are here, you will find Hollister, Belk, Dillards, Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse and Mr. Dunderbak’s alongside a range of other facilities.

This is just a pick of some of the main attractions and sights to see that you will come across in Greensboro.  If you have an eye for pleasure and fun, there is no doubt that you will largely love what this North Carolina city has to offer you.



The History of Greensboro

The History of Greensboro

Greensboro, NC, which is today a thriving economic center didn’t quite start off that way; its beginnings are more humble. County commissioners paid a mere $98 for 42 acres in 1808 and the named it after General Nathaniel Green, the man who led forces in the revolutionary war of Guilford Courthouse in 1781. In fact, many people tend to think that the name Greensboro is because the city is so green. This is not the case; it seems that over the years the last “e” in Greene was quietly dropped and it stayed that way. It seems to have survived in some parts though – there is a Greene Street, Greene Township, General Greene School as well as Greene school.

The area that is today known as Greensboro was initially settled by 2 kinds of Native American Indians, the Saura and the Keyauwee and it was called Piedmont. Initial settlers were mostly Germans, Welsh and English Quakers and some Scott-Irish immigrants. They all came in from the northern colonies looking for new land to settle in. More permanent settlement could be seen from around 1740. When the revolutionary war came around, General Greene, to hold back 1,900 Redcoats who wanted to take the area deployed 4,400 men in 3 battle lines at the Guilford Courthouse on the 15th of March. He won the battle. Later, in 1808, local town officials carved out a 42 mile area and paid $98 for it and named it after the General.
The first official census was conducted in 1828 and is telling of the times; it showed that Greensboro, NC had 369 white residents, 101 slaves, 26 freemen, 5 stores and 3 salons. The wealthiest man in the area then was Henry Humphreys and he built and began to operate the first steam powered cotton mill in the area; it was the first of its kind in North Carolina. With up to 75 looms in production in 1833, he could export cotton fabric to surrounding states.
At about the same period, religious groups started 2 schools that are in existence to this day. The Quakers founded Guilford College then named the New Garden Boarding School. Being co-educational, it was also the first of its kind in North Carolina. The Methodists in their part funded and built another school, the Greensboro
College. Several other outstanding institutions followed Bennett College in 1873, UNCG in 1892 and A&T in 1891.  African Americans also participated in the founding of schools with Dr. Charlotte Hawkins Brown founded the Palmer Memorial Institute in Guilford County but this was closed in 1971.
It has had some tense political moments especially when it came to fighting for the county seat but it seems to have survived these spats. Today, it is home to a bustling economy with all kinds of modern infrastructure.
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